Kodachrome film for Pan Am Airways „Wings to Yugoslavia“(1964)

Yugoslavia was the only Communist-controlled country in today’s Eastern Europe Pan Am flew to during the Cold War – showing how important the country was at that time.

A cultural icon of the XX Century, Pan American World Airways, or Pan Am, was the largest international air carrier in the US from 1927 until its collapse its 1991.

Pan-Am is remembered by many for its routes to divided Berlin – Tempelhof and Tegel.
Did you fly on Pan Am to Yugoslavia or West Berlin? Did you visit Yugoslavia’s Adriatic coast, or perhaps Ohrid?

Share your memories.

Converted from 16 mm film.
All rights to use purchased.

Аутор: F. D. Kay
Сценарио: Martin Andrews
Продукција: „Film Authors“
Земља порекла: USA
Година: 1964.

Извор: mycentury.tv
Приредио: Настава историје

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